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What is House-call Pet Grooming?

House-call pet grooming is when a professional groomer bathes and styles your dog or cat in the comfort of your home. Owners are welcome to participate as much or as little as they wish.  

Pet owners take comfort in knowing that their pet is getting the groomers full attention from bath to bows. There are no closed doors, no cages, no mysterious back of the grooming salon, no waiting, and no stress. 

The best benefit to grooming pets in their own home is  how comfortable and relaxed they are in their own environment.

Is House-Call Grooming right for you?

House-call grooming is great for anyone who may have trouble leaving their house or may not have the time to take their dog to the groomers!    Some of my clients will give me the combinations to their garage so I can groom their dog(s) while they are at work! 

Annie grooming a puppy

Sometimes puppies just need a bit more love......they have no idea how to be groomed!

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